Prayer Calendar 1-7 January 2014

Our Prayer Needs for the Week

WEDNESDAY, 1 January

Give thanks for Yang Zhen Jiang, who turns 24 today. Praise God for his growing independence and confidence in his working abilities. Pray that he will find answers to his questions about God. 

THURSDAY, 2 January

Dong Jian is 20 today. Please pray that his communications skills would improve as he depends on sign language to express himself. 

FRIDAY, 3 January

Today, Yang Yuan is 16 years old. Pray that she will have the confidence to share her gentle influence with her sisters. 

SATURDAY, 4 January

Yang Heng Cong turns nine today. Give thanks for her growing confidence in initiating communication and interacting with others. Pray that she would gain more weight. 

SUNDAY, 5 January

Last Wednesday, Dang Shan Lu celebrated her fourth birthday. Give thanks that she is gaining strength and mobility. Pray that she will continue to progress in therapy and begin to crawl. 

MONDAY, 6 January

Chen Shi will turn 30 this coming Tuesday. Praise God that he continues to enjoy working in Shenzhen. Pray that he would keep the lines of communication open with ICC. 

TUESDAY, 7 January

Celebrate with Fu Pei today, who turns nine. Give thanks for his great learning ability and social skills. Pray that he would continue to develop his love for learning.

Answer to Prayer 

Give thanks for the therapists working in China who are keen to see the children's condition improve. Pray that they would have a deeper understanding of the principles that are the foundations of the practical therapy work.