Prayer Calendar: 1-7 February

Our prayer needs for this week

SUNDAY 1 February

Please pray for Yang Heng Xin as she will be turning 20 tomorrow. Give thanks to our Father that she is happy in her new home; pray for a friend to walk with her. 

MONDAY 2 February

Today, Li Fang Jun turns 17 years old. Pray that he learns to communicate with others and find activities that bring him joy.

TUESDAY 3 February 

Please pray for Yang Heng Bo who will be 10 today. He has made progress in walking more independently, and understanding and responding to others.

Answer to Prayer

Give thanks for continued improvements in individual children’s lives in their new homes in Hengyang, like Qing, Cen, Xian, Jiang, Long Min and Jiang Dong.

WEDNESDAY 4 February 

Yang Heng Hui had her seventh birthday yesterday. She has made progress in her walking ability and in playing independently. Please pray she has more opportunities to get outside and have fun.

THURSDAY 5 February

Today, please lift up Yang Fu Gao on his 13th birthday. Give praise for learning new skills such as shopping. Pray that she will be able to get outside more.

FRIDAY 6 February

Pray for a less rainy spring so that the new playground in Hengyang can be finished as planned, so the children can enjoy it sooner.

SATURDAY 7 February

Yang Heng Xin is 13 years old today. He becomes frustrated by his lack of ability to communicate meaningfully with others as he grows older. Please pray for an improvement in this. Give thanks for his growing maturity and responsibility.