Prayer Calendar  1-7 Feb. 2013

The week's ICC prayer needs.

FRIDAY, 1 February 

Yang Heng Xin turns 18 tomorrow. Give thanks that she is enjoying being part of the morning aerobics. Pray that appropriate craft activities would be found for her in the new craft workshop. 

SATURDAY, 2 February 

Today, Li Fang Jun turns 15. Praise that he is such a good helper. Pleas pray that he would know how valued he is. 

SUNDAY, 3 February 

Give thanks for Yang Heng Bo on his eighth birthday. Give thanks for the special relationship Bo has with his carers. Pray that he would grow in confidence, ability and motivation and that he would master eating without help. Yang Heng Hui turns five today. Praise that she has settled into her home and is so loved by her carers. Please pray that she would grow in trust, confidence and joy. 

MONDAY, 4 February 

Please pray for Yang Long Ji on his very special first birthday. Pray that a family would adopt him and that he would develop trusting relationships and stay healthy. 

TUESDAY, 5 February 

Please pray for the ICC UK board as they seek to appoint additional trustees. 

WEDNESDAY, 6 February 

Yang Dong turns 14 today and has recently been adopted. Please pray that she settles into life beautifully with her forever family. 

THURSDAY, 7 February 

Yang Heng Xin is turning 11 today. Praise for his progress in computer skills. Please pray that he would grow in knowledge of himself and our Father. 

Answer to Prayer

Praise God for Qiu Sheng’s and Zhen Jiang’s wheelchairs that were both recently donated and are perfect for both boys.