Prayer Calendar: 1-6 December 2014

Our prayer needs for the week

MONDAY 1 December

Please pray for Yang Xie Tong as he turns one today. Pray that he will feel secure and learn to interact well with others and not be so dependent on one or two people. 

TUESDAY 2 December

Pray for the staff and children in Hengyang as they continue to settle into their new homes and family groups. Pray that within the new environment the management would be strong and the motivation of staff maintained. Pray that the children would truly feel like they are home. 

WEDNESDAY 3 December 

Pray for Yang Jian Hua as she will be turning 23 tomorrow. It is so wonderful that she is literally dancing for joy in her new home. Give thanks for this and please pray that she will stop pulling out her hair. 

THURSDAY 4 December 

Let’s celebrate Yang Heng Qiu’s 17th birthday. She is so excited about moving to her new home. Pray that she and her sisters will enjoy learning how to cook their own meals. 

FRIDAY 5 December

Pray for Zeng Lue on her 16th birthday today. Please pray that she will show improvements in her manners, behaviour and maturity. Yang Heng Cui turns seven today. Give thanks for her love of her new home! Please pray that her carers will discover the source of her tummy problems so that she will no longer be in discomfort.

SATURDAY 6 December

It is Fu Shan’s 26th birthday today. As she gets older, her health and body functions are deteriorating. Please lift her up in your prayers today and pray for strength in her body.