Prayer Calendar: 1-5 December 2015

Our prayer needs this week

TUESDAY 1st December

Please lift up Yang Xie Tong in prayer today on his second birthday. Pray for emotional stability as he waits on the adoption list. Pray for the right help to be found for a prosthetic leg.

WEDNESDAY 2nd December

Please pray for two young girls, Long Li and Long Jiao, who have just come into ICC’s care in Hengyang. Pray they would settle well into the Swallow family, and would both soon learn to enjoy eating from a spoon rather than the bottle.

THURSDAY 3rd December

Pray for Yang Heng Qiu as she turns 18 tomorrow. Pray that she would find worth and pleasure in growing her hair and looking after it. Pray that she continues to know the richness of friendship.

FRIDAY 4th December

Yang Jian Hua turns 24 years old today. Give praise for her health and that she would be able to sleep peacefully through the night. She really enjoys the new playground and is having a great time there.

SATURDAY 5th December

Please pray for Yang Heng Cui on her eighth birthday. Pray for comfort and healing for her tummy. Pray that she would know, through her time in the sensory therapy room and in the arms of her carers, that she is loved.

Zeng Lue turns 17 today. Please pray for her to have continually have a good attitude and study habits. Please also pray for continued good health.