Pearl Room Sponsorship

One of the benefits to being a Child Sponsor with International China Concern is the journey you get to take with your sponsor child over many years. Through the updates we send, as well as visits you may take to China on a China Team, you can see the progress your child is making. For some sponsors, part of that journey is finding out that a “forever family” somewhere in the world has adopted your sponsor child. 

In our Sanmenxia Project, the number of young children and infants that are adopted each year is somewhat higher than in our other project locations. And the length of time that these children are in our care prior to adoption can be shorter, too. This often means that a sponsorship relationship cannot be established. However, they still need to be cared for by sponsors around the world while they wait for their adoptions to be finalised.
“We’re always so excited when any of our kids are adopted,” says Karen Norman, ICC’s Project Manager in Sanmenxia. “And if those children are sponsored, we get the opportunity to share that news with the sponsor parents and we can celebrate together. It’s like the children are moving from one family into another.” 

“But,” Karen added, “it can be difficult for someone to begin a sponsorship with one child, only to have to move that sponsorship to another child, and even another after that, because adoptions can take place so quickly and in such a short period of time.” 

To address this, our Sponsorship Department will soon be launching a new type of sponsorship specifically for Sanmenxia. Called the “Pearl Room Sponsorship,” named after the room where the infants and toddlers live in the Sanmenxia Project. This sponsorship allows you to sponsor the entire room of children rather than just an individual child. It operates the same way as a regular child sponsorship, the monthly support amounts are identical and you still receive three updates each year. 

Children in Sanmenxia, Hengyang, Changsha and the rest of China are abandoned for a myriad of reasons, including disabilities, medical needs and gender. But what all have in common is the desperate need for proper nutrition and specialised medical intervention to survive. 

By sponsoring the Pearl Room, you are helping us to stabilise their health, assess medical needs and give each one love and care in a safe environment. Your support allows us to give all the infants and toddlers, that are living in the Pearl Room awaiting adoption, the best possible start in life with their new families. By being a Pearl Room Sponsor, you are being a blessing to all the children living there. 

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