New Homes For Life

20/20/20 Campaign in Hengyang

In our 2013 interview with David Gotts, he talked briefly about an exciting new development at our Hengyang Project. As part of the most recent renewal of our contract with the Hengyang government, a brand-new five-storey building was to be constructed for us on the Welfare Centre grounds into which we can move all of the children. Twenty flats, or apartments, will be created that can each house six-to-eight boys or girls. 

Construction is progressing quickly and we have the opportunity to better place our children in family-style groups. The homes will be much like the Rich Hubbard Community Group Homes that we opened in 2012. In these groups, independence, confidence and practical life skills are developed. The children are like brothers and sisters to each other. They live, learn and play together. They have dedicated house parents who love and care for them. 

While the building is being constructed for us, ICC is required to fit out each flat with the items that make it a home. We need to purchase appliances, furniture (such as beds, tables, chairs and sofas), blankets and linens, as well as dishware and cooking equipment. And, most importantly, each home requires special modifications to accommodate mobility issues, such as wide doorways and hoists, accessible bathrooms, therapy aids and equipment. 

That’s why ICC initiated the 20/20/20 Campaign. Started in our 20th anniversary year (2013), each of the 20 homes needs approximately USD $20,000 to be properly outfitted. We already have received tremendous support from individuals and organisations all over the world. But you can help us to open these 20 new group homes in Hengyang and become part of giving the gift of family to the children in our care. 

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