Love Has No Barriers

When you visit our care homes in China you see your love reflecting back in the faces of each child.

ICC was founded on short-term volunteer teams, known as China Teams, and they are very important to the care we provide to our children. 

This is much more than just social tourism. Teams are building on the important work of our full-time volunteers who can’t always give every child the one-on-one attention they deserve. After only two weeks of concentrated care from short-term volunteers, our therapists say the children can make huge gains physically and socially. 

Kristie Cothren, a speech and language therapist from the U.S., was inspired to come to China recently after hearing the stories of these gains from others who had been on a short-term volunteer trip. Accustomed to working with young children with disabilities, she felt God leading her to join a short-term China Team earlier this year. 

When she arrived at ICC’s Children’s Care Centre in Hengyang a little girl named He He caught her attention: 
I had watched her for the first four days of the trip and didn’t know how best to interact with her. On the fifth day I said a quiet prayer for God to help me bring some relief or happiness to this little soul and God answered in a huge way. I began to deeply massage her back and noticed that she became very quiet and leaned forward as if enjoying the massage. As I brought my hand around her right shoulder for a good squeeze, she turned her head, looked right into my eyes and gave me the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen! It was as if God was looking right into my face! I simply kept massaging her back and shoulders and she began to laugh! I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life!
When we asked Kristie what this experience has brought to her life she replied: 
My experience with He He and with all of the children at ICC is that there truly isn’t a language barrier when it comes to demonstrating love, compassion and tenderness to children. They sense a gentle touch, a smile, a kind voice and they will respond in their own unique ways. The children at ICC are truly no different than many of the children in America that I see with the same types of disabilities. Many have experienced trauma that is very different than the children I see at home, but truly God created children to respond to attention, affection and stability and that is what ICC is providing for these beautiful children and that is why ICC is seeing such a difference in their lives. We are profoundly grateful to Kristie and all of our short-term and long-term volunteers who give of their time to love the children in our care. 

 If you’d like to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities, you can join a short-term volunteer China Team. Visit our China Teams page for more information.