Hengyang Moving Day

New centre provides family-style living for 150 children

Children ran down hallways, rode the elevator, flipped light switches and jumped for joy while exploring their new homes during the long-awaited October 24 moving weekend in Hengyang. 

“We can even watch the sunset from the verandah of our new family home,” said Fei Fei and Gong Gong (pictured below), two of the boys who made the move. 

For months, the children have been asking when they would be able to relocate into the new centre, featuring family-style living in groups of six to eight children with rotating caregiver staff. With the last items completed in the fitting out of the government-provided five-storey building, the children are finally able to begin living in their new homes. 

Fei Fei and Gong Gong enjoy the view from their new balcony.
Fei Fei and Gong Gong watching the sunset.

"You are Precious"

Children and staff celebrated with song and dance in a short celebration in the courtyard, where ICC China Director Kyla Alexander also spoke to them about the new children’s centre. 

“You are very precious, and you are the reason we have this new building. I hope that through this gift of new homes, you will know that you are loved and cared for,” Alexander said.

“Know that no matter how sick or disabled you are, that you are not alone in this world, but that you are part of a big family.” 

Hengyang International Project Liaison Allison Kennedy wrote a song for the event, “You’re Home.” Featured in the video above, it “captures the heart of the place,” says Hengyang Team Life coach Geoff Hall.
One of the Hengyang youth shows his delight in his new home.