Hand in Hand

The Card Game

As a child sponsor, your support is a practical demonstration of care to a child who needs love, hope and opportunity. But how else are we able to demonstrate the power of child sponsorship? That was the question that two ICC staff members—one, an amateur game designer, the other, a graphic designer—asked themselves. They wanted to volunteer their spare time to create some sort of game that could be used to promote the Hand in Hand Sponsorship Programme. The result of their hard work is “Hand in Hand: The Card Game” 

The Hand in Hand Game is all about building communities for children with disabilities and giving them a home. It uses bright and fun illustrations and colours to make the subject matter easier to approach and talk about. With simple game play, you can practically demonstrate how sponsorship helps to make abandoned and disabled children whole again after so much has been taken from them. 

Once the card game concept was completed, a way needed to be found to produce the game without using funds from donations. So the game was put on Kickstarter and successfully “crowdfunded,” raising the funds needed to have it printed. You can find out more about the funding campaign and the promotional video by visiting ICC’s Kickstarter page, www.chinaconcern.org/kickstarter. 

The games are now being printed and will be shipped to those who backed the campaign, as well as to our National Offices all around the world. Copies of the game will also find their way to our projects in China so the kids in our care will also have the opportunity to play along. 

The basic game is suitable for 2-6 players aged 6+ and can be played in 15-20 minutes. We have also created the option for people to submit alternate rules for different ways of playing. 

To find out more about the game and how you can get a copy, please visit www.handinhandgame.com