Family Life, Family Love:  Ping’s Story

Because of you, Ping was able to blossom in a family-style environment

Imagine a young girl, scared and withdrawn from years of unknowable trauma, abandoned to the Chinese welfare centre. Her name is Ping and her eyes are sallow and her hair so thin. Silent, her voice is locked inside. Unable to make eye contact, her little hands grab and clutch the toys given to her and she pouches food in her cheeks for fear she won’t eat again any time soon. She sits frozen. Her trauma is deep and has forced her to recoil inside herself to a place she thinks is safe. But in that inward place she is so very alone. And without love and care and treatment she will wither and not be long for this world.

For two weeks our staff and volunteers cuddled and held Ping at the welfare centre. Non-stop. That lengthy embrace was enough to give her hope and the will to live until she could be permanently in our care. It was then that her heart began to heal and grow and flourish. 

But this could not have happened without your generous support.
The first time we heard Ping’s voice she sang. It was a wordless song as she held the hand of a loving carer. From that song onwards her heart continuously opened and her trust continuously grew as our staff and volunteers embraced her and taught her and encouraged her. 

Because of you, Ping was able to leave a chaotic environment and receive family-style care with ICC where she has grown secure in her relationships with carers and her peers. 

Ping is no longer a broken, frozen child. She is an animated teen who initiates hugs and cooks dinner for her family group. The scars of her past are not visible at all to the casual observer. She is beautiful. She smiles a lot. And she loves others, serves others, chats, laughs, cleans the house, sings, dances, makes eye contact, and she’s learning to sew. Her family group of “sisters” love her very much as do her “aunties” or carers. 

She’s living her life to the full and bringing joy and love to her community, and now also healing other broken hearts with her love. And this is possible because of your big heart. 

Thanks to you, this year we will see more children reach the milestones that Ping has!