Because of you Dong Lai is growing closer to independence!

Blindness keeps Dong Lai from seeing his surroundings but it doesn’t keep him from seeing a future for himself. And because of your generosity, he has opportunities to gain life skills that could give him a profession and help him grow toward independence! 

Dong Lai is an 18 year-old resident in ICC’s New Day project in Sanmenxia. He has been in our care since 2010 and it’s been wonderful to see him grow and mature into the kind-hearted, polite young man that he is. 

He has a good friend, Xiao Yu, who lives with him. They always help and support each other. Sometimes Xiao Yu is Dong Lai’s eyes, and he will take Dong Lai to enjoy beautiful flowers and to feel the changes of the four seasons. Both of them like singing, and they spend time listening to music and the radio together. Sometimes they will sing together whenever they hear their favourite songs.
Dong Lai has learned to map out his surroundings by feel. He can move well and he can take good care of himself. But there is more he wants out of life. He wants to be able to work and earn a living. 

His blindness prevents him from doing many jobs available to young men his age. But he has found something that requires the use of his hands and a keen sense of touch. He “sees” using his hands so it seems perfect that he’d want to learn massage therapy! 

With the help of ICC’s volunteers, he attends classes everyday. Dong Lai is happy that he attends classes along with able-bodied students. It gives him dignity and fills him with a sense of pride. 

In order to apply what he has learned and practice, he comes into ICC’s centre to help our physical therapists give massages to the children and young adults in need. He can then ask the therapists for suggestions on how to better his skill and discuss the different techniques. 

Dong Lai has already mastered the basic acupuncture points, and his skills are getting better and better. 

He hopes to attend the masseur qualification certificate test and get an internship. In the future, he wants to learn more massage skills so that he can make a living independently. 

Your generosity has helped Dong Lai grow into the capable young man that he is becoming. And because of you he is able to grow more and more independent!