Corporate Partner Feature:

Milanovic Neale
 Consulting Engineers

Jon and Alana Neale and family at Walk the Wall in Brisbane, Australia.
Milanovic Neale Consulting Engineers (MNCE) is a Brisbane, Australia-based firm working in detailed engineering design and implementation on a wide variety of projects, from small subdivisions to multi-million dollar developments. Milanovic Neale has been a Walk the Wall corporate sponsor since 2014. 

Jon Neale, managing director of MNCE, first became involved with International China Concern when he visited our Changsha Project in 2004 as a member of a China Team. That trip was life-changing, Jon says. A baby was left at the gates of the welfare centre during his time there, Jon recalls. The child was placed in a separate room that the team could not access. “I could hear the baby cry from when we first arrived,” Jon says. “Heart-achingly, it continued to cry for much of the time we were there.” 

“I did not feel able to do anything for this child who had been abandoned and was alone in a cold room,” Jon explains. “This was a moment where my heart broke, and I saw a small glimpse of God’s heart for the helpless.”
This experience underlies MNCE’s sponsorship of ICC. “Knowing that ICC is working every day to give children in these desperate circumstances an opportunity for a better future is worth our support,” Jon says. 

A fellow church and China Team member, Josh Hills, is now Jon’s business partner at MNCE. Their China experience deepened their friendship, which eventually lead to their business partnership. In addition, Jon’s wife, Alana, creates ICC’s Prayer Calendar each month. The Neale family also sponsors a child in our Hengyang Project. 

We are so grateful for the support we receive from our Corporate Partners. And when our sponsors have this kind of deep connection with our work, they are really part of the ICC family! Thank you, Milanovic Neale Consulting Engineers for your support!