Construction continues in Hengyang

Progress being made on new five-story building

Progress on the construction of the new five-storey building in Hengyang - October 2013
Progress is continuing on the construction of the new five-storey building at the Hengyang Welfare Centre that will become home for good number of the children in our care. 

This new building is being constructed by the local Chinese government as part of our current operating agreement. Construction should be completed early in 2014.

Discover more about this building and how you can be part of making it home for 130 amazing children

Once the building is constructed, we will still need to outfit each home with:
  • Appliances 
  • Beds, tables and chairs 
  • Blankets and linens 
  • Dishware and cooking equipment/supplies 
  • Special therapy aids and equipment 
  • Special modifications to accommodate mobility issues, such as wide doorways, hoists and accessible bathrooms