Children’s Day Celebrations 2013

An update from Sanmenxia

Children’s Day Celebrations started early here in Sanmenxia with a stream of volunteers and visitors coming to visit the children, in the week leading up to Children’s Day. The official activities took place on Friday morning. Two games stations were set up, one for the older children and the other for the younger children. 

The younger children had crawling races and we saw clearly how some of the kids respond much better to food than toys. There were games such as "Matching the fruit and putting it in the correct basket". Some children felt the need to taste test the fruit to determine what basket they should put it in. 
Piggy back races were also a highlight, as staff members had to run to a fruit basket with a toddler on their back. The toddler had to hold a fruit and then drop it in the basket at the other end before going back to fetch more fruit. 

 The older children had fun bursting balloons, firstly as a team trying to pop all of the balloons in their row. This was followed by a one-on-one challenge of trying to burst the opponent's balloon whilst protecting their own. Some of the more disabled children were able to participate in bubble blowing and pass the parcel. 

 A great time was had by all and everyone slept well during the afternoon nap time.