Because of you, Zhou Chao is growing into a capable, helpful young man!

Your generosity provides the stepping stones the children and young people in our care need to grow and experience the fullness of life! 

Like 25 year-old Zhou Chao who came to us from the Changsha Welfare Centre when he was seven years-old. He has a milder form of cerebral palsy and except for the restricted movement of his left hand and arm, he can move his limbs without much difficulty. 

Zhou Chao cannot express himself very well in speech, but he has learned other ways of communicating; he learned to write and draw. In his classes Zhou Chao learned maths and pinyin (the Chinese language put into the Western alphabet). He learned to type well and became good at drawing on the computer. Gradually his level of understanding increased, and he also learned to read Chinese characters. 

Zhou Chao has a good level of independence and self-care skills; he has no problems with gross motor skills (walking, picking up large objects), but has some difficulty with fine motor skills, like the careful manipulation of objects with his hands. 

Because of your generosity, Zhou Chao could get therapy focusing on increasing the ability of his left hand and left leg. These exercises helped his left hand become more flexible and more coordinated with his right hand, allowing him to help the other boys to tie their shoelaces and fasten their zips and also join in the craft workshops.
Because of his increased dexterity Zhou Chao was able to get work at our Vocational Training Centre sheltered workshop making cards. And there he discovered he has an incredible gift for creativity and leadership. He is the leader of his group and the cards he makes are very delicate and beautiful. 

He expressed interest in learning how to better his drawing and painting skills so his caregiver made it possible for Zhou Chao to get a teacher who could guide him. 

He has learned much and his talent and hard work produces some vivid drawings. He always puts his own feelings into his pictures, which is another way he can overcome his speech limitations and express himself in art.
Zhou Chao lives with nine other boys in a family-style group home in the community. The carers work as the boys’ parents to give help and support, and each of the young men have household responsibilities, as family members based on individual abilities. 

At home, Zhou Chao does a lot of housework, such as sweeping and mopping the floor, emptying the rubbish, washing the bedding and drying the clothes for the other young people. He is very strong, and happy to help! 

With help from his house parents and teachers, the influence from the community and his own efforts, Zhou Chao has made a lot of progress. He is a very hard-working, gentle, pleasant and helpful young man — a great help to his carers and the big brother to any younger housemates, teaching skills to the younger boys and consoling when someone is ill or not happy. 

Because of your compassion and generosity, you have made it possible for Zhou Chao to grow, learn and get the therapy he needed to gain greater independence. You provided patient and loving carers who are like parents to him and a home where he can be a loving big brother and helpful, contributing family member. 

Zhou Chao has told us he would like to learn to drive — we hope one day his dream will come true. We think with his tenacity and aptitude for learning that it won’t be long before he does! 

Thank you for the generous love you’ve sown into Zhou Chao’s life and the lives of all of the children and young people in our care. Because of you, they can aspire to greater things and accomplish more than they ever dreamed they could.