Your Support in Action

Because of you, Wei Wei now has a stroller that works with the limitations of his body!

It’s a sunny afternoon and the sound of kids playing wanders through the halls of our Hengyang project. It’s the sound of joy and movement and fun. Lying on his back, Wei Wei listens but pain in his hip inflicted by his skeletal malformations keeps him from comfortably taking in the fun. 

Finding a way to seat Wei Wei that works with the way his body can bend and in a way that doesn’t trigger pain has been a real challenge. 

But we were determined to find a way for Wei Wei to be seated comfortably during the day so he could take in more of his surroundings and feel like he was participating in life and not just listening to it. 

And because of your generosity we were able to gather together a team of his carers, therapists and staff to find a solution to Wei Wei’s seating needs. We assessed where he needed the most support and brainstormed ways a new chair could provide it. Because of the way Wei Wei’s hip is shaped, he is unable to sit fully upright. But we found a newer stroller that could accommodate his limitations and got to work with customising it to meet his needs. 

It was a flurry of foam cutting, hole drilling and problem solving. We put in new foam and shaped it to support his body. We then added support for his legs so his left leg could be elevated to help with hip flexion and created a separate support for his right leg that would allow him to be as comfortable and supported as possible. 
When the chair was finished Wei Wei’s carers placed him in and strolled him around. Wei Wei cannot speak but his carers understand him so well. And the look on his face tells us so much! He is no longer in pain, he is alert and taking in his surrounding and engaging with his ICC family in his own sweet way! 

You helped make this happen! Thank you for your compassion for the precious lives in our care.