Because of you, Walk The Wall is raising funds and awareness for abandoned and disabled children in China!

Walk the Wall events are taking place around the world! But why are we walking? And for whom?

Walk the Wall is a very special event held around the globe every year between July and December. It’s when we join with our communities and walk on behalf of abandoned children with disabilities in China. It’s an opportunity for you, your friends, your colleagues, and your church to walk together to raise funds that will transform lives. 

Lives like Yuan Yi (pictured below) who at six weeks old was left at a Chinese government welfare centre without a family to care for her. 

When we found her at two years old we received her into our arms and gave her love, medical attention, education, therapy, nutrition, and a home with us for life! This could only have happened because of generous people like you. 

Yuan Yi has cerebral palsy and epilepsy so it was imperative that her first year in our care set the stage for her life. 

She needed consistent physical therapy, so she could build up strength, allowing her limbs to bear the weight of her body and learn how to change body positions such as sitting, crawling, and rolling. 

Now eight years old, Yuan Yi’s physical strength is constantly improving as she has gone from kneeling to standing to walking without assistance. She can even climb stairs! 

Cognitively she is both easygoing and energetic and loves getting hugs from visitors. Though she cannot speak real words, she claps to get someone’s attention and loves to be sociable in all the ways she can communicate. 

She can make sounds, reach out her hands and understand many instructions. She loves music and can clap her hands in time to it. 

Yuan Yi has accomplished so many milestones in her life because you and people like you have come together to raise funds and walk on her behalf and for all the children in our care. 
We Walk the Wall because Yuan Yi and the other children in our care deserve to reach their potential. They deserve to be known. They deserve the same opportunities as any of God’s children. They deserve to be loved and to love. 

If you haven’t registered for Walk the Wall already, please join us by signing up, getting sponsors to support you and put on your walking shoes and walk for Yuan Yi and the thousands of other children like her in China. 

Let’s give love, hope, and opportunity to these precious lives and together we can Give Life and End Abandonment. 

To register for Walk the Wall in your city or find out how you can organize a Walk in your area, visit