A Passion for Fashion and ICC

A UK business woman is using her boutique to change lives in China

Meena ChhokarIn Reading, England, entrepreneur Meena Chhokar is working extra hard so that her boutique doesn't just make waves in the fashion world, but impacts the lives of ICC's children too.

Meena opened her boutique SILK in 2013, which celebrates both Eastern and Western fashions to create an eye-catching selection of dresses. Since leaving teaching to pursue her passion for design and fashion, she realized she has the opportunity to pursue her desire to help children too. 

Meena explains "I've always wanted to be involved in helping children. Although I've moved into the commercial world, I still wanted to have a role helping vulnerable children. I hope that I can inspire more people to put their money to a good cause at the same time as purchasing something that benefits them." 

Meena's desire to support ICC sprung from her belief that all children should have the chance to live a happy life with the same opportunities available in education, welfare and all other areas of life. 

"ICC was a charity that inspired me because of its hard work and dedication to this specific group of children in China," she explains. "If these groups of 'forgotten' children can't receive the help that they deserve to live a life like everybody else, then what hope do we have for humanity?" 

"For me," she continues, "it doesn’t matter about the background, religion, caste or social status of any human being as ultimately, we are all together." 

Meena has generously chosen to support ICC's children each month through the profits of her exciting business, while raising awareness for ICC's work on her website. She’s even ready to share some of her dresses for auction at future ICC events. 

In the future, Meena hopes to "build a portfolio of charities from around the world that dedicate their time and efforts to vulnerable children and to give every child a chance to access basic opportunities." 

ICC is proud and grateful to partner with Meena’s SILK boutique to continue providing love, hope and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled children. You can read more about SILK at www.silkbymeena.com