A New Look for ICC

Lately, a new look and promotional focus for International China Concern has been taking shape and we’re excited to share it with the world.

Lately, you may have seen some changes in the look and feel ICC's marketing materials and this website. This is a change in the ICC branding that is a bit of a departure from what you may have been used to. We’re also beginning to use the new phrase that you may have already seen on our Facebook page and will soon see elsewhere.


There are many reasons why people like you have joined with us to help China’s abandoned and disabled, but it can almost always be captured in these four words. 

  • It’s your love for life that burdens you to be a child sponsor. 
  • It’s your love for life that leads you to join a China Team and give love and care to our children. 
  • It’s your love for life that brings you out to a park in September or October of each year to walk as part of Walk the Wall. 

The phrase “Your Love, For Life” really captures the experience that we want all of our friends, supporters and volunteers to have when they are a part of the work that ICC does. 

We thank you for your love for life. It is this support that enables us to continue to create full lives for China’s abandoned and disabled.