2017 Marks the 10th Anniversary of Walk the Wall!

You accomplished so much for abandoned and disabled children in China in 2016. Thank you! We’re inviting you to do it again and see how much more we can accomplish together in 2017!

Walk the Wall is a very special event held around the globe every year between July and December. It’s when we join with our communities and walk on behalf of abandoned children with disabilities in China. It’s an opportunity for you, your friends, your colleagues and your church to walk together to raise funds that will transform lives. 

Lives like Cui Cui who came into our care when she was five years-old. She was extremely tiny, underweight and her condition unknown. She was severely delayed physically and mentally and her stomach was distended and growing bigger and bigger. We were very concerned for her well-being. She needed medical attention and fast. 

When you Walk the Wall you make it possible for children to receive the medical attention they need so that they can live a full life! Our China Operations Director, Kyla Alexander, advocated for Cui Cui by working with the government welfare centre medical team. Cui Cui was transferred to the Changsha hospital for evaluation and supportive care but because of her mental disabilities they did not think she was a candidate for surgery. 

Cui Cui’s belly went down temporarily but it gradually got bigger again. Nothing was working. ICC consulted international doctors and set plans in motion that also didn’t seem to work. An international nurse suggested prune juice and brought some in from Hong Kong, as it wasn’t available in Changsha. It had amazing results!

One of our long term volunteer occupational therapists advised massaging Cui Cui’s belly and to reposition her to help with gas issues and it helped tremendously. A dietitian from the United Kingdom shared her expertise for Cui Cui’s diet when she came on a short term visit. When searching the storeroom for items that could help Cui Cui’s digestion, she found several cans of a special baby formula from overseas that were no longer needed for the originally intended child. She had also brought probiotics and added them to Cui Cui’s food plan. Another volunteer taught Cui Cui’s carers how to make yogurt with the same strain of probiotics so Cui Cui could continue to get the nutrition she needed! She loves her yogurt!
Because you Walked the Wall and raised awareness and funds for the children, we could advocate for Cui Cui, consult with local and international medical professionals, work tirelessly to find the right treatment and food plan and even the right foods to help her digest and get nutrients to the rest of her body. 

It’s been a long journey for Cui Cui and she has a long way to catch up physically, but because of your compassionate heart and desire to see children with disabilities live a full life, she can continue to do just that! 

Cui Cui is just one of many children and youth who need advocacy and individualized support so they can live their lives to their fullest potential! This year we’re asking you to not only Walk the Wall again, but get as many of your friends, colleagues and church family to join you as you possibly can! It’s never too early to pre-register and get notified when dates and times for Walks in your area are ready for registration. 

Together with people around the world you have made the lives of children like Cui Cui a dream come true. Let’s make this 10th year walking the wall the best yet and impact even more lives!

To be notified when you can register for Walk the Wall in your city or find out how you can organize a Walk in your area, visit walkthewall.org