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Providing urgent medical attention to those who need it most

Almost all of our children arrive with serious conditions, but many can be treated. This is where the ICC Surgery Fund comes in.

Surgery, medication and therapy are expensive—not to mention travel expenses to a major city, doctor’s fees, accommodation costs and post-surgery care. But when a life is at risk, we do whatever it takes to find a solution. 

The ICC Surgery Fund provides funding for life-changing procedures like heart surgery, tumour removal, or spina bifida repair to name a few. These are procedures not typically funded by the local government. 

We partner with donors and foundations to make sure children get the appropriate care that will save their lives. Sometimes this means consulting experts overseas or traveling long distances to larger hospitals that specialise in meeting a child's needs.
Before & Today

Impact Story

This boy is a great example of a life changed through surgery. He came to our Community Outreach Project with a severe curvature of the spine that kept him from walking or even engaging with other people. He was only five years old but had suffered nine bouts of pneumonia because his chest was compressed and his condition was becoming life threatening. Thanks to some generous donors, this boy had surgery to place titanium rods in his back, correcting the deformity. He has learned to walk and play like other children his age. Today he’s an active boy who seems to think he’s the next Bruce Lee! 

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