About ICC

Learn more about International China Concern and the work it does in China and around the world

When was ICC started and by whom?
International China Concern was founded in 1993 by David Gotts.

What is ICC’s mission?
International China Concern is a Christian development organization changing lives through bringing love, hope and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled children and young adults.

What is ICC’s vision statement? 
Love, Hope & Opportunity for every disabled child. 

What is ICC’s slogan? 
Creating full lives for China’s abandoned and disabled. 

When did ICC’s projects start? 
  • Changsha (1997)
  • Community Outreach Project (2008)
  • Hengyang (2005)
  • Sanmenxia (2010)

How many projects does ICC have and which Provinces are they in? 
  • Changsha Project – Hunan Province
  • Hengyang Project – Hunan Province
  • Community Outreach Project (COP) – Hunan Province
  • Sanmenxia Project – Henan Province

How do the projects run in conjunction with the Chinese Government? 
ICC operates is facilities under agreements with the local Civil Affairs departments in Changsha, Hengyang and Sanmenxia. These agreements allow ICC to partner with the local welfare centres to provide full-time care and community outreach services.

How many children does ICC care for? 
  • Approximately 100 children are given full-time care. The local welfare centre caps this amount. 
  • The Community Outreach Project (COP) provides services for over 300 families and their disabled children. 
  • Approximately 130 children are given full-time care. This is a self-imposed limit to ensure care is at a consistent quality. 
  • Approximate more than 65 children are given full-time care. By agreement, this number will increase annually. 

What other initiatives does ICC operate? 
  • Vocational Training Centre 
  • ICC Alumni 
  • ICC Associates 

What is the Vocational Training Centre? 
Utilising a sheltered workshop concept, Vocational Training focuses on providing our youth and young adults opportunities to develop skills and extend their communication, sociability and attention spans. Vocational Training is operated in Changsha and Hengyan. In Changsha, Vocational Training is also available to children served by the Community Outreach Project.

What is the Community Outreach Project? 
The Community Outreach Project (COP) supports families who have a child with a disability. The aim is to strengthen a family’s ability to care for their child in their own home, rather than resorting to abandonment. COP currently works with more than 300 families of children with disabilities. 

The project offers a family a range of professional services: 
  • Counseling 
  • Parent Support Groups 
  • Respite Care 
  • Therapy services 
  • Special Education (advice or advocacy for mainstream schools) 
  • Vocational Training 
  • Financial Support or Financial Aid

In China, how many local staff does ICC employ? 
ICC employs approximately 200 local staff members across all of its project locations in various roles: 
  • Administrators & Managers 
  • Carers/Nannies 
  • Therapists 
  • Special educators 
  • Medical staff 

How many offices does ICC have around the world? 
ICC operates seven (7) “National Offices” in seven countries around the world. These offices are staffed by a combination of paid and volunteer staff. These offices focus on fundraising, promoting ICC and recruiting self-funded volunteers to go serve in China.

ICC’s National Office are located in: 
  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • Hong Kong 
  • Nederlands 
  • Singapore 
  • United Kingdom 
  • United States of America 

How many “International” staff work for ICC? 
ICC has 15 paid staff working in its National Offices. 
  • 6 full-time 
  • 9 part-time 

ICC has 22 self-funded volunteers that live and work in China. Many are skilled specialists such as therapists, nurses, special educators and project managers. They help provide leadership in ICC’s projects and train local staff. 

ICC also has more than 30 other volunteers that help work in the National Offices or go to China on an ad-hoc basis to provide support.

How many children are in ICC’s Child Sponsorship Programme? 
ICC’s Child Sponsorship Programme (also known as Hand-in-Hand Sponsorship) is a long-running programme that helps engage supporters and donors of ICC with the work being done in China by matching them with a child in care. Sponsors help fund the costs of care for all children in ICC’s facilities. 

ICC has more than 200 children listed in the Child Sponsorship Programme from all project areas. This number can fluctuate, mainly due to some children being adopted and leaving ICC’s care and by new children being added to the programme. There are also some families served by the Community Outreach Project that are sponsored.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child each month? 
The amount varies by country: 
  • Australia – AUD $40 
  • Canada – CAD $40 
  • Hong Kong – HKD $310 
  • Nederlands – EUR €30 
  • Singapore – SGD $46 
  • United Kingdom – GBP £25 
  • United States of America – USD $35 

How many sponsors are there for each child? 
Approximately USD $432 per month is required to provide full-time care for each child. For this reason, we allow each child to be sponsored by multiple sponsors. On average, each child is able to be sponsored 8-10 sponsors.

Does the Chinese government contribute toward the costs of providing care for the children? 
The government does provide a nominal amount to ICC on a per child basis toward the care of the children. The amount varies between project areas depending upon the operational costs for each project and the agreement in place with the local government or welfare centre. Overall the contribution is approximately 11% of ICC’s total income.