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Nothing compares to a personal visit to one of our care homes. You’ll see your love reflecting back to you in the faces of each child, in the care our staff put into their roles, and in the giant gains our children make when they live together as a family. 

You can show your love firsthand in China as part of a short term Team or as a long term Volunteer.

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Making a Difference

ICC was founded on short term teams and they are very important to the care we provide to our children.

This is much more than just social tourism. Teams are building on the important work of our full-time volunteers who can’t always give every child the attention they deserve. 

After only two weeks of concentrated care from short-term volunteers, our therapists say these children can make huge gains physically and socially.

Join a China Team

Join a team of people from around the world working to make a difference in the lives of our children. Find out more and how to apply.


Serve as a Volunteer

Be part of ICC's long term, ongoing work to demonstrate love to China's abandoned and disabled on a daily basis. 

China Team Dates 2018

25th March - 7th April: Hengyang21st April - 4th May: Hengyang (Cancelled)
11th - 22nd June: Backpacker Team - Changsha (Cancelled)15th - 28th July: Hengyang
12th - 25th August: Hengyang14th - 27th October: Hengyang

China Team Dates 2019

6th - 19th January: Changsha16th - 19th March: Location to be determined*
14th - 27th April: Hengyang17th - 23rd June: China Team Express - Hengyang
21st July - 3rd August: Location to be determined*11th - 24th August: Hengyang
13th - 26th October: Hengyang
Please Note: Project locations are subject to change. It is rare but it can happen due to the nature of the work we do and the country in which we serve. For this reason, we ask for you to be willing and flexible to shift project location if required. In the meantime, be assured that we will be diligent about communicating any changes or anticipated changes as far ahead of team dates as possible. Please continue to check this site or contact your local ICC office for the latest information.

*Project location is yet to be determined. We are praying and trusting God's leading in this matter. If you choose to sign on to this team, we ask that you remain flexible and open as to where you serve. Please continue to check this site or contact your local ICC office for updates.
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