We Feed, House and Love Children

Helping children lead full lives

We give children the foundation for a full life: nourishment, therapy, their own bed, bathrooms, and the love of a family unit. In each of our family-style group homes we provide structure, discipline and that one priceless intangible -- love.

Full-Time Care

Our homes work to have a 1:5 caregiver-to-child ratio. Our children eat three full meals together every day. Their caregivers are trained to address specific needs so they receive proper care according to their individual conditions. 

Once their basic needs are met, the most important thing we can give them, really, is love. Something as simple as a hug or eye contact can make the difference between life and death for so many of these children.
Girls in Hengyang moving into their new group home

Community Group Homes

As our children mature, many can transition to semi-independent living. We place them in Community Group Homes where they live with other boys or girls in family-style situations. These homes are renovated apartments tailored to the needs of the children, are near schools, buses and markets.

They share rooms, have their own beds and learn to support one another. They also have dedicated carers, or nannies, that are like parents to them.  Through their carers, the children learn how to shop, cook, take public transit, go to school or to work at jobs. 

Those that need extra help can eat together at one of our larger homes. Many grow up to be active members of society, leading rich and purposeful lives.

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